Flushing the DNS Cache

If you are experiencing connection problems or your connection is timing out, it can be caused by a corrupted file in your DNS cache. Sometimes, for various reasons, the cache becomes corrupt or out of date, or, to use a technical term, “messed up.” The symptoms of a DNS cache issue can vary, but if your DNS cache is corrupted, you may have trouble connecting to something on the internet. That’s when flushing the DNS cache sometimes helps because it forces your computer to empty the cache and forget everything it knows about DNS entries that it’s looked up previously. It has to start asking the DNS server for new and up-to-date information as you reference domains by name thereafter.


To flush your DNS Cache, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Start> Search Box> enter “cmd” and press ok or hit enter.

  • In the command prompt window, type “ipconfig/flushdns” without quotes and hit enter.

  • Next, type “ipconfig/release” and press enter.  

  • Finally, type “ipconfig/renew” and press enter.

  • Note: This will cause your internet connection to drop and reconnect.  


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